NSIIAH is founded by Ghanaian/Belgian fashion stylist and creative director Maame Nsiah. Besides dreaming of her own clothing brand from a young age, the idea of creating a namesake brand was solidified after years of experience working in the European fashion industry. Here she noticed a lack of Black-owned brands run by black women. 
In the summer of 2020 NSIIAH was born 
NSIIAH logo is a combination of the initial ’N’ and the number 6, the latter being a direct translation of ‘Nsiah’ in the Ghanaian Akan language. A big inspiration when it came to creating our signature logo were Adinkra symbols. These are traditional symbols that were used to create different but distinct fabrics and logos in old Ghanaian traditions. 
NSIIAH in-house designs are built on nostalgic and traditional elements like Ghanaian waist beads and Adinkra cloths. All these elements are finished off with modern aesthetics. Our pieces are handmade in Antwerp (BE) and Accra (GH) for people who are not afraid to be distinct.
NSIIAH is sold limitedly and on no particular schedule.